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Tourist camp with fire, tent and firewood

Travel Tips: How To Go Camping On A Budget

When you think of going camping, there are many expenses you think about. You mostly think about the cost of camping gear before you can even consider how much you’ll need to pay for transport, food, and permits. These costs can go through the roof, but camping does not have

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The best travel insurance companies
Travel Resources

2020’s Best Travel Insurance Companies

The number of Americans traveling outside the country noted a record of 93 million in 2018. A 2019 study by Phocuswright reveals that traveling is among the top three spending priorities for U.S. citizens. On average, Americans spend about $1,978 on their summer vacations. With the rise of the travel

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The best travel insurance reviews and companies
Travel Resources

Travel Insurance Reviews

Traveling doesn’t come without risk. No one wants to have an accident, but sometimes they are unavoidable. So, before hitting the road look into getting travel insurance to be prepared and safe in case of an emergency. Some countries don’t even allow tourists to enter without verification of travel insurance.

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Digital banking when traveling
Travel Resources

What is a Digital Bank And Why Use It When Traveling?

Are you a keen international traveler? Or a digital nomad searching for reliable digital banking services that are simple to use and manage? Then you are on the right spot! Here, at Iva Says, we love new and straightforward stuff. We appreciate convenience and freedom. Hence, we’ve created the ultimate

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