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Driving Around Oahu: Tips for First-Timers.
Travel Tips

Driving Around Oahu: Tips for First-Timers

Hawaii is recognized for its eight major islands, each with its unique heritage and tourist attractions. From this set of islands, we’ve previously listed the all-year-round summer in Oahu as something you should take advantage of. Honolulu’s second-largest island and state capital offers an exciting blend of exotic waterfalls, lush

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48 hours in Rome - Visit the Colosseum in Rome.

A Weekend in the City of Love: Experiencing Rome in 48 Hours

48 hours in Rome Travel Itinerary Rome is the city of love and romance, a bustling metropolis filled with ancient ruins, stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and an atmosphere that will take your breath away. Whether you’ve been to Rome before or are planning a trip for the first time, knowing

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Sustainable Gift Ideas for People Who Love Adventure

Sustainable Gift Ideas for People Who Love Adventure

Adventurous hobbies, such as hiking, camping, or climbing, are soaring in popularity as more of us try to move away from staring at screens all day and enjoy the great outdoors. These kinds of hobbies are great for our health and fitness, but also our mental health and mood, and

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Travel list of what to see and do in Las Vegas.
Travel Ideas + Lists

5 Exciting Things To See and Do In Las Vegas

Here at Iva Says, we’ve talked about Route 66, the Great American Road Trip, and covering all that distance could whet the appetite for more traveling around the United States. Route 66 passes within 100 miles or so of Las Vegas, and Sin City is a major tourist attraction that everyone

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Top 10 sights in Malta: what to see in Malta in seven days.
Travel Guides

The best of Malta in 7 days: a tour guide

Malta is a Mediterranean island country that is located in the central part of the Mediterranean Sea. With its sister islands, Gozo and Comino, it forms one of the world’s smallest countries. Although Malta is just 116 km² in size, it has a lot to offer visitors in the way

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How to visit Cave Beauty in North Macedonia guide.

How to Visit Cave Beauty in North Macedonia

Cave Beauty is an incredible natural wonder located in North Macedonia. The cave, also known as Cave Gjonovica, is situated in the Mountain Bukovikj, near the village of Gorna Gjonovica, on the old road between Gostivar – Kichevo. This breathtaking cave features several stunning stalactites and stalagmites, a crystal-clear water

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