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How to get to the Duf Waterfalls

The Dufski or Duf Waterfall (Macedonian: Дуфски водопад or Дуф) is located in northern Macedonia in the national park of Mavrovo, near the village Rostushe (Macedonian: Ростушe / Rostuše). The waterfalls are located about 125 km from  Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

The Duf waterfall is about 23.5 meters tall (77ft), and an extension of the river Rostusha. The uniqueness of this double-drop waterfall is the circular shape of the first, or highest, drop of the waterfall that looks like the water is going into a well due to the rock bolder between the two sides of the Duf gorge.

To learn more about the hiking trail to Duf and how to get to the falls continue reading below for a complete hiking guide to visiting the Duf waterfalls.