Who is Iva? & Why Iva Says?

I’m Iva, and I am a passionate traveler. I enjoy discovering new places, visiting foreign countries and checking out different accommodation offers. I’ve been lucky and determined enough to have a nice list of countries and cities I’ve experienced as well as a pretty long list of hotels I’ve stayed to create Iva Says.

Not long ago, I got the idea to share my personal travel adventures and opinions with the world. I know that there are hundreds of travel blogs, some of them are new and some are well-established; nonetheless, I don’t see them as competition, since every person is different and I believe there are people like me out there who will appreciate the things I have to say – hence Iva Says.

Before starting Iva Says, I used to be a software engineer in the telecom industry. It required a lot of travel, but it gave me the opportunity to see new cities, states, and countries while on the job. 

I’ll always appreciate the traveling perk of this job; it thought me a lot about business and personal travel. From running to the airport and in the airport to catch a flight, to driving in foreign countries, and even to being lost in the middle of nowhere trying to find people to get direction (GPS doesn’t work everywhere). 

Lastly, I promise to create as objective as possible blog posts and reviews of various places across the globe. In my texts, you will find useful information, tips as well as pros and cons lists that should help you plan your trip and get the most out of your vacation (either as a traveler or a tourist).

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Thanks for being here!