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Last modified: July 11, 2018

Bucket List Ideas: 5 Things To Do in Asia 

Are you an adventure enthusiast? Are you someone who truly feel alive when you try something completely new and out of your comfort zone? And if trying out the new restaurant in town doesn’t quench your thirst of adventure any longer, it’s time to plan a holiday you won’t forget, a vacation that will revive your inner Indiana Jones – with or without the hat – and let you explore until your heart is fully satisfied. That’s precisely what bucket lists are about. So, if you haven’t yet planned your summer vacation, there’s still time to prepare a holiday like nothing you’ve experienced before, a holiday that takes exploration and discovery to the next level, a holiday to Asia.


Why Asia, you ask? Because there are so many exciting sites to visit and amazing things to try in Asia that it feels like the perfect place to inject a little adventure into your life. Will it be dangerous? No, but it will be challenging, demanding, and mesmerizing at the same time. Regardless of whether you’re a sports lover, a fine gourmet or a nature admirer, there is something for you in Asia. In short, it’s time to pack your bag and book your flight to the far east. Let the adventure begin.

The Asian Bucket List For Adventure Lovers: From Thailand to Japan in Asia. Visiting Volcanoes, climbing 500 steps, and even diving with whales are all part of the bucket list for people that are adventurers and want to experience Asia.
Don’t miss these 5 awesome ideas for your bucket list to Asia.

Swim with whales in Thailand

Most people who decide to visit Thailand tend to plan a beach holiday: Sea, sun and plenty of glorious sandy beaches to lie down and get that healthy tan you need to feel amazing. So, admittedly, it might not sound at first like the most adventurous place to see. After all, beach holidays, while being enjoyable, don’t exactly match the definition of excitement. But, it would be foolish to assume that there isn’t more to Thailand. There’s one thing that you can do there and that you will have great difficulties to find anywhere else, namely swimming with whale sharks.

As not many destinations provide this opportunity, it’s a change too wonderful to miss, especially if you love being in the water. If you’re not sure what these are, whale sharks are slow-moving carpet sharks. They can reach a length of over 12 meters and feed on plankton and small squid and fish. They pass every year along the island of Koh Tao, which is one of the best diving spots in Thailand. And you can even explore the sail rock, a cave-like structure not far from the island while you wait for whale sharks to arrive.

People snorkeling and diving in a body of water in Thailand, Asia.
Dive in Thailand

Climb 500 steps in Malaysia

If you want to see something out of the ordinary in Malaysia, you need to go to the Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani temple in Penang. If the name is too long to remember, its nickname is the Waterfall Hill temple because, ultimately, it’s built by a waterfall. It is one of the oldest Hindu temples in the region, and the story goes that it is as old as the founding of George Town itself. However, the temple was moved in 1850 to an even more elevated area.

What’s so extraordinary about it? You’ll have to climb over 500 steps to get to it. If you’re a gym addict, you won’t have much trouble with it. But if you’re not a naturally active person, it’s the kind of sports challenge that will motivate you to get fit. If you prefer to give yourself a few days to get used to the hot climate in Malaysia, you can look for a Penang apartment on the PropertyGuru site where you can stay before taking up the step challenge. Be careful though; these high steps can leave you with sore legs for days!

Visit a volcano in Indonesia

If you know how to appreciate a catastrophe movie, you’ll probably want to experience something as dramatic as visiting an active volcano. Indonesia is the country in Asia with the most dynamic and busy volcanoes, without mentioning the fact that most of them look stunning. You can start with Gunung Agung, the highest point on Bali, the paradise beach island. The mountain-volcano is sacred for the local population, but it doesn’t mean you can’t climb on top. However, you’ll need an experienced guide as the landscape can be challenging. Besides, you don’t want to stumble across a sacred shrine accidentally! Gunung Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. All you need is a short hike to find yourself among the mountain hills and the crater lake on the volcano. It’s a place where words like breathtaking find their true meanings.

Crater lake in the Gunung Rinjani volcano, which is the second highest, in Indonesia.
Indonesian volcano

Have a bug snack in Laos

Are you happy to discover new food? If you’re keen to try out new flavors and experienced new concoctions, you’ll be amazed by the imaginative cuisine of the Laos people. You’ll find edible insects on the menu in restaurants and street food shops in Laos. Don’t be horrified; it’s a specialty of the country, which counts over 50 kinds of edible insects. In fact, it’s a major part of the broader diet of the local population.

The best times to have a bite from one of their bug delicatessens is either at the beginning of summer, in June and July, or in winter from November to January. You’ll easily find some dried, fried and even boiled insects in markets, primarily because modern technologies have made a sustainable farming industry out of their love for bugs. The typical insects you’ll eat there are bamboo caterpillars, cicadas, crickets, and the larvae and pupae of ants and wasps. But there are many other options for the bug gourmet!

Walk the 2,849-mile-long Hokkaido trail in Japan

If the 500 steps of Malaysia don’t impress you, you’ll probably love to try the Hokkaido Nature Trail on the northernmost of the four main islands. With almost 3,000 miles, the Hokkaido trail is the longest trekking trail in Japan, and it takes you through the least developed areas of the country. Alongside, you can discover a variety of landscapes, from glaciers to volcanoes, via forest, lakes and pastoral lowlands. Like any trail, you’ll find also plenty of accommodations with the locals along the way, which is a fantastic option to discover the rural side of Japan.

A wooden path on the Hokkaido trail in Japan, Asia.
The Hokkaido trail

Cape Kamui in Shakotan, Hokkaido prefecture, Japan by 663highland / CC-BY-2.5

So where does your thirst for adventure take you? Will you be swimming with sharks in Thailand or eating bugs in Laos? Be open-minded. Be bold. Discover the world, one adventure at a time.

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