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Last modified: March 26, 2018

Steal a glimpse in the past at the pile-dwelling settlement
Bay of Bones in Ohrid

During my visit to Ohrid City in January, I saw many wonderful landmarks and monuments. Ohrid is an incredibly rich city in terms of architectural, historical and religious sights; therefore, it’s impossible to get bored in the city since each corner hides something special.


Museum on Water the Bay of Bones in Lake Ohrid, a prehistoric settlement, in Ohrid, Macedonia
A prehistoric settlement on Lake Ohrid

The weather was wonderful, even too good for January. So, not only did we explore Ohrid, but we also explored its surroundings including St. Naum Monastery and the mysterious Bay of Bones. I was a bit skeptical about the latter because it is a reconstruction, not the real deal. However, once I laid eyes on the settlement I started to change my mind.

Bay of Bones is a reconstruction of a pile-dwelling settlement. It’s an entire complex that includes a museum on water, a regular museum, a bar, a souvenir shop and a picnic area up on a hill. All of these are awesome and I was very positively surprised by this site.

The road to Bay of Bones is pretty good and asphalted. You can either go by car or take a shuttle from the city. There’s free parking provided, and the ticket price lets you enter the complex and explore everything it has to offer. During a sunny day, you can enjoy a cup of coffee by the lake at the bar or have a picnic on the nearby hill and enjoy the nature.

The Museum on Water Bay of Bones in Ohrid. Macedonia located on Lake Ohrid.
Bay of Bones (museum on water)

General info about Bay of Bones

Where is it?

Bay of Bones is half an hour ride away from Ohrid City i.e. 16.2 kilometers. The Museum is erected above the Ohrid Lake.

What is it?

Bay of Bones is a Museum on Water that represents a pile-dwelling settlement that used to live on top of the water in lake Ohrid during prehistoric times, unique for the region. Within the complex, there’s also a standard museum where visitors can see artifacts that were found at the bottom of the Lake.

When was it built/discovered?

Bay of Bones is an authentic reconstruction of a pile-dwelling settlement, which dates between 1200-700 BC. The reconstruction itself was built in 2008. Underwater archaeological research has been conducted in the area since 1997.

Ticket price?

Ticket price per person was 100 MKD or 2 EUR; in other words, it’s better to have Macedonian denars. The price includes entrance fee in the complex as well as the museum.

How to get there?

Aside from going by car and use the large parking in front of the entrance (free of charge), you can also take a city bus or shuttle for 1 EUR per person.

Tips for a smooth visit:

  • Wear comfortable and non-slippery shoes
  • Have a hat if the sun is too strong
  • Make sure to explore the hill above the Bay of Bones since it offers stunning views of the area
  • Make sure the weather is nice because the main attraction is an open monument
  • There’s a bathroom at the bar, don’t worry about that
Entrance to the dwellers settlement Bay of Bones on Lake Ohrid through the museum of water in Ohrid, Macedonia
Entering Bay of Bones

Personal Opinion on Bay of Bones

After my single-day adventure at the Bay of Bones, I must admit that I became very fond of the attraction. I think anyone would find interesting walking around the settlement and taking a peek inside the wooden houses. There are lots of dead animals (fox and bear skins) used to make the museum more authentic, so don’t freak out. I personally hated that part, but other than that it was a very pleasant experience.

Our recommendation when visiting Bay of Bones

The Museum on Water Bay of Bones is situated by an old Roman military fortification on the “Gradilishte” peninsula. The area was reconstructed and has wonderful picnic areas overlooking Lake Ohrid. 

I would highlight the importance of nice weather; we went there on a sunny day, so we could take our time and explore every little corner of the complex. It’s a must to go up the hill in “Gradilishte” and take photos from the newly made stone gates and walls too and make a nice picnic day out of it. 

The Museum on Water Bay of Bones in Ohrid. Macedonia located on Lake Ohrid.The Museum on Water Bay of Bones in Ohrid. Macedonia located on Lake Ohrid.