Accommodations: Hotels, Apartments, Hostels, Airbnb and more

It's never easy to decide where to stay on your travel, vacation, or holiday. Getting the perfect accommodation is not as easy. There are way too many reviews, missing information, and each person's story is different.  That's why we share our own personal reviews on the accommodations we use during our travels, and we provide information that we feel like it's missing. We review everything from hotels, motels, personal apartments, Airbnb properties, and hostels. From zero-star accommodations to luxury five-star hotels. Our reviews are based on personal interests such as Is there Wi-Fi? Is it free? Parking? Fee? Clean Rooms? Invasion of Privacy? Security?How's the staff? Food? Did they provide accurate information online?

We write reviews as much as objectively as possible, regardless if it's a collaboration or not.

Disclosure: The articles might contain affiliate links. Using the link is at no additional cost to you, and provides a small commission to me to help support my blog. You can help support my travels by using the affiliate links in a post.

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