Hiking and the Outdoors

Hiking is an exciting outdoor activity for many people. Wheather you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, it's a great activity to keep our bodies and minds in shape. Iva Says shares tips, ideas, equipment, and supplies list, and other useful information related to multiple outdoor activities. Find out information on how to make hiking a better experience, great places to visit and hike, and just an overall a better and more pleasant outdoor adventure. What gear and gadgets should you bring to the forests? We try to share our personal favorites and recommend the most comfortable and durable equipment. As we visit each state or national park, we write reviews and share our tips with our readers.

Disclosure: The articles might contain affiliate links. Using the link is at no additional cost to you, and provides a small commission to me to help support my blog. You can help support my travels by using the affiliate links in a post.

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