Destinations: Where Have I Been?

This section is dedicated to destinations we have visited and have reviewed for Iva Says. It contains places and destinations from North America (USA, Canada, Dominican Republic), all the way to Europe (Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Macedonia).  We will continuously update this section to provide accurate information to our readers. We write reviews for each destination we visit to provide our readers' information and help inspire them to go out see the world. Possibly make it their next vacation spot! Each destination review is different. It depends where it's located, and what attracted us to visit it in the first place. We review it from our point of view and try to share information that is not on TripAdvisor or anywhere else. 

Disclosure: The articles might contain affiliate links. Using the link is at no additional cost to you, and provides a small commission to me to help support my blog. You can help support my travels by using the affiliate links in a post.

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