Mobility and Transportation

How do you travel? What are your means of transportation? By air, train, bus car, or maybe a mixture all of these types of mobility? At Iva Says, we provide personal reviews of different types of transportations we have used in our travels. From hands-on experience with different car rental types, international airlines, flying, subways, train rides, taxi or shuttle services, public transportation, and even cross-country bus rides. We even get so detailed that we provide car reviews based on our usage while traveling, regardless if they are our own or rental automobiles. We share what we love and what we dislike and tips on how to make your trip better and more pleasant. 

Disclosure: The articles might contain affiliate links. Using the link is at no additional cost to you, and provides a small commission to me to help support my blog. You can help support my travels by using the affiliate links in a post.

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