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Last modified: March 15, 2018

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In the center of Memmingen, Drexler’s Parkhotel is close to the center, train station, and the airport. It doesn’t have a free parking lot, but it’s in an inclosed garage. It offers a low-speed internet for free, and breakfast for a minimal fee. So, if you’re not trying to save money you can enjoy it more than the budget-oriented travelers, such as myself.

The Drexel’s Parkhotel Review

During my latest adventure in Germany, I stayed four nights in Memmingen, out of which Milena and I booked one night at the Drexel’s Parkhotel in the town’s center. The reason was simple, we stayed three nights at another accommodation (our Kellermanns Apartment review) with my brother, and since it was an entire apartment we didn’t want to pay extra because he was leaving for Italy a day before our departure to Greece. However, after checking-in at the hotel, I was sorry for saving a little bit of cash and leaving a glorious place in order to be annoyed at Drexel’s.

Where exactly?Memmingen, Germany.
Means of transportation?Car.
How many people traveling?2.
How many nights?1.
Type of vacation?Exploring, driving around, sightseeing
Trip Date?September 21, 2017

First Impressions

We easily found the hotel with the help of the navigation in the car and remembered seeing it a few days before when walking around Memmingen. It’s an interesting looking building with the traditional German timber-framed architecture. With a street passing by the hotel and no parking around it, I was a little hesitant to just leave the car in front of the hotel. Nonetheless, we decided to check in first and ask for assistance at the front desk.

The receptionist was fairly friendly and welcoming, she spoke English and explained that we need to park the car in a nearby garage and then exchange some chip at the front desk before we leave. I wasn’t too happy, but we didn’t really have a choice, so we followed her instructions.

She also asked whether we would like breakfast in the morning and then left us be, without explaining anything else regarding the hotel. At least, the lobby looked clean and modern; it seemed like a nice spot to relax and possibly get a better Wi-Fi connection than the one anyone has in their room.

Comments on:

  • Buildingnice-looking building in traditional style. Great to look at it and take photos of it. Behind the main entrance, there was also a nice garden (sort of) where guests can grab dinner or drinks. Inside of the building, however, I would say there was nothing spectacular. I expected much more from a hotel which I found to be at least modestly expensive. There was only one elevator, which wasn’t too large. The corridors were narrow and somehow seemed old-fashioned.
  • Surroundingsthe hotel is in the city center and that’s great. Just across the street, there was an awesome place called Robert’s where we made some German friends, drank beer and even had a nice breakfast (coffee and pretzels with butter) that cost us 10 EUR including the tip we left. The location of the hotel is possibly the best thing it offers.
  • Parking – you are supposed to leave the car in a parking garage, which is right behind the hotel building. If you find a spot on the first level, then it’s no more than 2 minutes to get to the hotel. When you enter you get a chip, which you then exchange at the front office after paying 3 EUR per day. It’s not too bad I would say, but also kind of lame since some places offer free parking.
  • Room – call me picky, but I definitely wasn’t impressed with the room. First, it doesn’t feature a fridge, so we were forced to either have warm drinks or buy cold drinks elsewhere. There was a weird desk with two chairs, but really when did two people use a single desk? The bed was okay, comfy and the furniture was neither good nor bad. The bathroom could be renovated for sure, especially the toilet seat, which is so small and close to the ground that I thought I was falling every time I tried to use it. One of the windows was also broken/old, so we couldn’t open it without having a little drama first.
  • Staff – Only interacted with the receptionist at the front desk. She was nice but didn’t spend a lot of time explaining the hotel. Basically, we had to go off exploring ourselves.


During the Stay

Honestly, we were annoyed that we paid so much money for a hotel which definitely wasn’t worth it. Everything it offers, except for the free, slow Wi-Fi, is available for additional charges. So, you get an internet voucher for slow internet and you can pay for a high-speed connection. There isn’t a fridge in the room, so you need to

Internet prices - Drexel's Parkhotel Review
Internet prices

pay for cold and expensive beer from their restaurant. There’s a sauna too, but you guessed it – you must pay to use it. Breakfast is served in the restaurant, but of course, you need to pay for that too.

I understand offering cheap accommodation and then trying to make money by charging for breakfast, sauna, Wi-Fi, parking, etc. However, I disagree with having high prices and then ripping guests off some more. However, as I mentioned before we discovered the great Robert’s place just across the street. It is a nice, and charming German pub with cold beer, hot pasta for dinner, and pretzels served as breakfast. The prices there were reasonable, and the atmosphere was excellent both late at night and during the mornings. I highly recommend going there rather than leaving more cash at the hotel.

There are some other cool places around the city center as well like Zur blauen Traube, so it’s better to explore cheaper options.

The thing that got to me the most was being woken up at 5 AM by the bells of one of the local churches. You get to hear them every hour! I wouldn’t mind it as a tourist walking around the town, but when you try to get some sleep, it was unpleasant. This was one the positives of staying in an accommodation, Kellermans Apartment, out of the downtown area in Memmingen.


Happy to Check Out

I was really happy to check out since this hotel really managed to piss me off. I am usually much more relaxed and forgiving, but this place seemed like a huge money trap. I believe it’s too expensive for what it offers, especially if you only need a place to sleep over.

In the city centerNo free parking
Free wi-fiFast Internet connection comes with charges
Closed parkingPretty expensive for what you get
 Seems old-fashioned
 You need to pay for literally everything


Maybe if we stayed there longer we would’ve liked Drexel’s Parkhotel; however, this time that just didn’t happen and if I could turn back time I would either stay at Kellermann’s Apartment or book another place. However, it is close to the center, train station, and the airport. So, if you’re not trying to save money then you can pay extra for everything the hotel offers, and enjoy it more than we did.

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