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Last modified: April 17, 2018

Traveling Through American History

Finding a historic place to travel is often the first port of call for anyone interested in culture. However, too often heading to foreign shores becomes the very first thing to do. While this is wonderful and we are in no way advocating that you avoid doing this, sometimes looking for the historical interest at home can be an excellent place to start.


Knowing your own history on an experiential level and not just what was explored in the classroom can lend us insight about our homes. It can lead to insight about ourselves. However, it can also lead to a wonderful vacation experience, and sometimes that’s more than enough.

For a beautiful slice of American history, we’d recommend visiting the following places without delay:

South Dakota – Cultural Beginnings

Of course, South Dakota would be the first place on this list. Heading to family-friendly lodging such as the Econo Lodge Custer and using this as your base to explore should be the first thing you do. From there, heading to the remnants of Fort Pierre and exploring them for yourself should be the first thing you do. Here you can learn of the clashes between the settlements and the Sioux tribes nearby in the early 1800’s. Of course, Mt. Rushmore also stands proud and tall here. While this might seem quite an obvious place to visit for the beginning of your journey, no place is more symbolic or true to the beauty of the United States than this location.

Yosemite – Natural Beginnings

The great Yosemite natural park is one of the most impressive natural landscapes on Earth. Millions and millions of tourists flock here every year, but even that number isn’t enough to make the 1200 square mile location feel cramped. This place should be the first port of call for those looking to experience the wonder of America’s natural history for themselves.

From natural archeologist classes to the sediment specialists that run courses here, to the simple act of volunteering to help keep the park tidy, a wander around this area will likely unveil a wonderful new connection to nature, and a slight (but still important) understanding of the natural forces that came to craft this wondrous land mass.

Finding A Beautiful Slice Of American History

Boston – Societal Beginnings

While South Dakota is one of the most impressive first landing points of the American settlement, Boston is home to some of the most incredible features to arise here. The first public library, school, subway, and even Eastern comedy club was featured here (although this latter part came much later.) Bostonians also rival many other state citizens seemingly the people most understanding and brushed up on their own history. Boston features some excellent public tourist informational classes and lectures you can attend to learn more about this stunning location and its key role in the development of all that’s good in American society.

Heading to these three locations will be a wonderful time that you will never forget, but be sure to understand this is only a starting point on the great American historical journey. As you progress you’ll gain an unrivaled appreciation for history, so be sure to have fun!

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