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Last modified: September 2, 2018

The Waterfalls of Edessa and Hot Springs in Loutra Pozar, Greece

On our last day in Greece, we chose to visit the famous natural hot springs baths in Lоutra Pozar, Greece. Being that it was the last time we would be in Greece this season, we wanted to use up the day to the fullest. The Loutraki village was on our way home to Macedonia, and the perfect place to visit.


Nature and river in Loutraki, Greece
The river passing through Loutraki, Greece

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What is Loutra Pozar, Greece (Village of Loutraki)?

Loutra Pozar is a natural hot spring thermal destination, located in northern Greece. The Loutraki village, at the bottom of Mount Kaimaktsalan, is located about 100km west of Thessaloniki.

Visitors come from all over the world to relax and enjoy the healing properties of the natural hot springs water in Pozar, Greece. This is a hit destination during the summer and winter seasons.

Place to relax and have a picnic by the waterfalls in Loutra Pozar, Greece
Picnic area in Loutra Pozar, Greece

I personally enjoyed the fall changing colors of the leaves. 

Exploring Loutra Pozar

Upon arriving in the Loutraki village, a large sign is visible, informing drivers which road to take to the Loutra Pozar thermal baths. After passing the tourist bureau, the road will lead you the entrance to the Pozar thermal baths property.

Your first view will be of small gift shops, a parking lot and a few, small accommodation buildings.

iAccommodations along the river n Loutra Pozar, Greece
Accommodations along the river.

Once you park and begin exploring, you will discover the first man-made thermal pool, near a massage and spa center. Across the street, there is an information desk and payment center for those that want to use the internal baths.

As you continue straight up the road, you will enter a pedestrian-only area. This will lead you along the natural hot springs river. The path along the river leads to each natural hot spring pool, the main waterfalls, and the Loutraki Pozar Hotel at the top of the hill.

Bathing in the waterfalls Loutra Pozar, Greece
The natural hot spring and its waterfalls

Additionally, the main road can also be used to bring your vehicle to the top of the hill, where the hotel is situated. 


What to see and enjoy in Loutra Pozar?

The waterfalls of Edessa – tourists can take a path up to a cave that shows the waterfalls in Loutra. The water is separated into many smaller waterfall sections and passages that go through Loutra Pozar. You will see a lot of stunning landscapes and panoramic views.

Hydrotherapy – at Loutra Pozar there are multiple inside-pools, waterfalls, outside man-made pools, an outside Olympic-sized pool, and Turkish baths. Adequate space and different water temperatures (ranging from 30-38 degrees Celsius) are provided for those that need exercise and healing.

Hiking and Nature – There are several trails around Loutra Pozar for tourists to keep active. As mentioned before, there is a trail and stairs that lead to a cave at the top of the waterfalls.

Prices and Amenities at Loutra Pozar

Daily charge to the thermal pools is 2-3 euros per person. At each hot spring pool, there are showers, changing rooms and bathrooms.

You don’t have to be a guest at one of the accommodations to enjoy this natural healing beauty.

Concluding Thoughts

The short distance from the Thessaloniki makes it an ideal day trip for those that have a car. I’m really glad I decided to visit the thermal baths in Loutra Pozara, Greece, and its waterfalls. I visited in the fall, and with color changes in the leaves, the stunning view of the forest and waterfalls was absolutely magnificent. 

You can give your body a day to relax and heal for all that wear and tear it goes throughout the year.

When to visit: Visit in September (Beginning of Fall)

Recommendation: Bring a bathing suit, bathrobe, towels, and flip-flops. Loutraki Pozar rents towels and bathrobes in case anyone forgot to bring his or hers. 

Amenities/Things to do: Restaurants, cafes, outside/inside pools, walking trails in nature, waterfalls, gift shops, wellness and spa center, and saunas.

Duration: Half to Full Day if passing by or a week’s accommodation for full rejuvenation vacation. 

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