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Last modified: August 4, 2018

Must Visit Beaches in Chalkidiki, Greece

Greece has amazing beaches, islands, and historical landmarks. It’s famous for it’s white and blue houses in Mykonos, and beautiful crystal-clear sea. The Halkidiki peninsula of northern Greece, also, has some wonderful sites to see. The beaches in Halkidiki are just as sandy and beautiful as the rest of the famous spots in Greece. 

These are my top 5 beaches in Chalkidiki, Greece: 

1. Assa Maris Beach (Sithonia)

The beach at Assa Maris Bomo Club is a must visit. It has a long sandy beach, with clear, calm sea. The beach overlooks the third finger in Chalkidiki, Mount Athos.

There is a sunbed/umbrella service provided by the Assa Maris hotel, which is free for use with an all-inclusive package. There are also changing rooms on the beach and showers. If you stay at the hotel with an all-inclusive package, you can enjoy free drinks at the Beach bar. I’ve written a separate review for the Assa Maris Bomo Club.

Beaches in Halkidiki - Assa Maris Bomo Club
Assa Maris Bomo Club

Near the hotel, there is a strip for parking off the main road. You can easily walk from there to the beach, and get settled in on this beautiful paradise.

I went during the peak summer dates in August of 2016, and the beach was not packed at all like it usually gets at most tourist places in Greece. You will meet a lot of Russian, Ukrainian, and Moldavian nationals on this beach. It’s family friendly and clean.

2. Pallini Beach (Kassandra)

I absolutely love Pallini beach! I had the chance to this discover amazing beach this summer when I stayed at the Pallini Beach Hotel (you can find my review for the hotel here).

It’s a long sandy beach with crystal-clear water, overlooking Metamorfosis on the second finger in Chalkidiki.

Like most other beaches, the sunbed/umbrella service was 7.50 euros, even if you are staying at the hotel, and drinks are not included. I really don’t like this, especially since hotels like Assa Maris provide that service for free. However, there were plenty of visitors, so you can just take your towels, chairs, and umbrella and settle wherever you please.

Beaches in Halkidiki - Pallini Beach
Pallini Beach

There are is a shower head by the hotel’s tavern on the beach. As for a changing stall and a bathroom, I’m not sure, since I stayed in a bungalow right by the beach.

For those that love snorkeling, there are rock formations in the sea toward the end of the bungalows and the Aegean Melathron Hotel. There is also a water-sport company nearby where you can rent paddle boats, water skis, and other water sports activities.

You can also visit the Kallithea beach in the town, which is a 20-minute walk or a 5-minute taxi ride (about 5 euros) from the hotel.

3. Lagomandra Beach (Sithonia)

Lagomnadra beach is located on the second finger in the Chalkidiki region in Greece. It spans between Elias Nikitis and Tripotamos. This summer, I stayed at the Olympic Bibis Hotel in Metamorfosis, and wanted to find a better beach than the one offered there. This led me to the Lagomandra beach.

The beach is made up of tiny rock pebbles, so it’s not the perfect sand beach, but it’s worth it every penny for the beautiful sea.

The sea is absolutely stunning and the water is clear with turquoise color from afar. You can even see trout, sardines, and swordfish (if you are lucky) swimming with you, by you, or next to you. It’s the perfect spot for those that are armature in snorkeling. There’s a diving company, Ocean Diving Center, that gives lessons right on the main road.

Beaches in Sithonia, Greece - Lagomandra BEach
Lagomandra Beach

For those that hate laying directly on the beach, there is a sunbed/umbrella service for a fee of 8.5 euros. For those that don’t want to waste money on umbrellas or are nature lovers, the beach is covered with evergreen trees that provide the perfect natural shade.

The place that offers the sunbeds and umbrellas have showers and changing rooms. I used them without any issues even though I didn’t use their service.

Right from the main beach, on the main road, there are multiple restaurants and a market. The bathroom is also located in that area, which is free of use to anyone on the beach. As for parking, everyone parked off the road overlooking the beach by the pine trees. It was free and had no issues.

Lastly, this beach is for everyone. From family friendly to couples to the adventure type.  I had a wonderful time, and if you decide to ever checkout Lagomandra beach you won’t be sorry.

P.S. Wi-Fi is available at the local cafe, asked for the password (the signal even reaches the beach).


4. Sani Beach Resort (Kassandra)

Sani Beach Resort is well-known in Greece and many consider it a top spot for vacating in Kassandra, Chalkidiki. I’ve been there twice in 2011 and I have mixed feelings about its several beaches.

First, they can easily get crowded during high season. Second, other people can use them and cause additional problems in terms of finding sunbeds or they crowd the beach with their chairs and towels.

Beaches in Halkidiki - Sani Beach Resort
Sani Beach Resort

Finally, when the weather is windy the water can be quite terrible because of the seaweed. However, when the time is right, Sani Beach Resort beaches offers a fairy-tale view. The sand is flour-like, while the water is perfect.

Lastly, you can take the Resort’s minivan and visit the gorgeous beach at the Sani Club area or one in front of the Sani Marina. Keep in mind that this is a trendy place and thus purchasing sunbeds or drinks can be pricey.

5. Alexander the Great Beach (Kassandra)

Just like all the other beaches in Kriopigi, the one in front of the Alexander the Great Hotel offers yellow sand and crystal-clear sea. Guests of the hotel, as well as random visitors, can purchase sunbeds and umbrellas and spend a lovely day enjoying the gorgeous nature.

Beach at the Alexander the Great Hotel
Alexander the Great Beach

Considering the fact, it’s been six years since my last visit to the beach, things have probably changed, but the beach remains one of the best in Kassandra nonetheless.

If I remember correctly, the fee for two sunbeds and an umbrella was 5 euros, but now the prices are up and it may be more expensive to use the hotel’s offerings. Drinks weren’t included in the price and at the time of my visit, the prices were regularly ranging from 3 to 4 euros for coffee and soft drinks.

I stayed in the hotel and therefore I could use the beach elevator with my keycard, but there are also stairs that visitors can use to get to the beach if they parked the car by the main road. You should have in mind that there are quite a lot of stairs, so be prepared for this; I know I tried the stairs once and it’s not the best idea when outside is over 35°C.

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