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Last modified: March 27, 2018

  • 8.5/10
    Overall Impression - 8.5/10


It has an amazing beach, crystal-clear sea, pool and free drinks (all-inclusive package). It’s just an overall great place to stay at.The slow internet speed prevents me from giving it a top rating, but if you want to be off the grid, then this definitely the place for it.

Assa Maris Bomo Club Review

I’ve heard a lot about Assa Maris Bomo Club  Hotel (affiliate link)– some said it was a hidden gem, far from the busy towns of Kassandra. Other people weren’t happy with the value you get for the price, claiming the rooms and the food just weren’t worth it. This Assa Maris Bomo Club review will show you why we agree with the former. 

However, I never really listen to other people unless I’m quite familiar with their traveling experiences and life expectations; therefore, when I got the opportunity to visit Assa Maris, which at the time has already added the Bomo Club part of the name, I was pretty excited.

The sea at Assa Maris
The beautiful sea

I can’t remember the exact price we paid for two guests all-inclusive, but I know it was affordable considering the fact we got free drinks, snacks, and three meals a day. We were traveling from Skopje, so we had quite the drive ahead of us; nevertheless, we took off with a positive attitude and ready for yet another adventure into the unknown.

Where Exactly?Agios Nikolaos, Sithonia, Chalkidiki, Greece.
Means of Transportation?Car.
How many people?2.
How many nights?3.
Type of Vacation?Relaxing, swimming, sunbathing, sleeping.
Trip Date?August 2016


First Impressions

Long lonely road to Assa Maris
The Long Road to Assa Maris

I’ve been numerous time to Chalkidiki and Sithonia, so the road is not completely unknown to me. However, there’s a fun

part getting off the main road and head towards Assa Maris; namely, we got to a little town and the GPS signal was lost, leaving us with unclear road signs.

However, after few wrong turns, we finally got the correct road and were nearing the hotel by the second. It’s fun because you think you’re already there, but in fact, you need to keep driving for about 15 minutes in the middle of nowhere wondering why the hell did you book this place. The road is narrow with many ups and downs; we didn’t encounter too many cars, people or animals for that matter. At one point though the altitude was high enough to get a stunning view of the sea and the surroundings. That was the moment I knew I was going to love the nature if not anything else.

Finally, we arrived at the hotel and parked our car. The receptionist was very welcoming and helpful, showing us the way to our room and providing useful information. I was very pleased with what I saw – green maintained grass, palm trees, flowers and adorable two-story houses. Before we took the bags into the room we went to check out the beach; and oh man, the crystal clear waters and endless sandy coastline took my breath away.

When we got to the room we got the first disappointment – it was old-fashioned and needed renovation for sure. However, our room was comfy and had an extra bed, which we’re always happy to use as storage space. The second disappointment was hearing the neighbors as if they were inside our room; probably the insulation of the room wasn’t right or the walls were too thin; either way, it wasn’t too nice to know that they can hear you that well too.

Comments on:

  • Building – numerous small houses are what we know as Assa Maris Hotel. They look adorable on the outside and provide for a truly authentic landscape. All shared areas were clean and well maintained;
  • Surroundings – if you are a nature lover, then you will love staying at Assa Maris Hotel. The place is extremely well maintained, there are numerous colorful gardens, lots of exotic plants and wonderful flowers. I really loved the walks around the place as well as the late-night conversations on the beach;
  • Parking – guest can use a regular asphalted parking within the hotel grounds. The parking was well lit and I believe secure. When we arrived it was half empty, but by the time we were supposed to leave there was hardly an empty slot – so I guess this may be a problem during high season if the majority of the guests have come by car;
  • Room – the main problem of Assa Maris Bomo Club is the fact that the rooms haven’t been refurbished for a while. You can see that the furniture was once top-class, but now it’s just old. There were some improvements such as flat-screen TV, a new mirror and possibly new balcony chairs. However, I personally believe there was still a lot of room for improvements;
  • Staff – no complaints here; everyone was really, professional and nice. The restaurant manager was always going around, asking if everything was all right and if the food was good. Waiters were always polite, just like the receptionists and pretty much every employee we encountered. We felt welcomed right from the start and I think that plays a huge role in the overall positive atmosphere at the hotel.



During the Stay

So, aside from the things we already noticed, we had three nights and four days ahead of us to discover more regarding food, sunbeds, drinks, and entertainment. So, I would first like to point out that the sunbeds were free to use and the guests weren’t acting crazy occupying beds they don’t use. That was something I liked a lot since at other hotels such as Porto Carras Sithonia and Sani Beach Hotel it’s sometimes impossible to find a sunbed because of inconsiderate guests using several sunbeds at a time. We were unlucky in terms of the weather and most of the time there were waves – the water was clear and enjoyable anyway.

Laptop and drink by the beach Assa Maris
Work and Pleasure

The all-inclusive package at the time included local beverages, various types of coffee, snacks and three meals per day. In terms of beverages, I was very happy – everything was served nice and cold, it was a real joy to have soda or beer under the umbrellas at the pool bar. Unlike some hotels where frape isn’t included in the package, here I could enjoy ice-cold frape, while my partner was happy with the cappuccino (yeah, there are such people in this world ?).

The snacks were, as much as I could notice, leftovers from breakfast like pastry or sandwiches and ice cream; they were tasty nonetheless. Finally, I wasn’t disappointed with the food provided for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They tried to introduce as many options as possible and a wide variety of dishes. My partner wasn’t too satisfied with the non-meat options since she prefers cooked vegetables and salads. I, on the other hand, was loving it all – several different kinds of meat, several side dishes, soup, pasta etc.


There was a theater, which was in fact just a bar in front of the restaurant, where entertainment activities were held. Most of these were meant for the youngest guests and started too early in my opinion. Therefore, if you are hoping for a quiet late dinner when most of the guests finished their meals, you should expect loud music and kids screaming instead. It was fun, afterward, to have a drink and enjoy the music (when it wasn’t kids’ songs) nonetheless.

What those trying to work while on vacation might find useful is the fact that the Wi-Fi signal wasn’t the best one. Even around the reception area, I had troubles loading simple web pages, let alone trying to upload a video or make a Viber call.

Sad to Check Out