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Maybe a 2-star hotel, but an accommodation and staff service of 5-stars, with free sunbeds/umbrellas.

Olympic Bibis Hotel Review

I have already expressed my experience in the luxurious Pallini Beach Hotel in Kallithea, Kassandra. Well, after the three nights spent there, my travel partner and I decided to stay a bit more in Greece and tried to find some affordable accommodation; we got a great deal (affiliate link) for the Olympic Bibis Hotel in Metamorfosi, Sithonia.

The Greek Flag in Metamorfosis
The Greek Flag

I have neither been to that hotel nor to Metarmorfosi, so I was a bit reluctant to book there. However, Sithonia, in my opinion, has much more to offer than Kassandra in terms of nature and therefore we went for it.

It took us about a two-hour drive from Pallini to Olympic Bibis. I must say, it’s always risky to go from a private bungalow in the first row to the sea to a 2-star hotel you’ve never heard about. However, I would say that the adventure was worth it!

Where Exactly?Metamorfosi, Sithonia, Greece (Chalkidiki)
How many people?2.
How many nights?4.
Type of Travel?Relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, driving around.
Trip Date?June 2017



First Impressions

First things first, where to park the car? Well, right next to the main entrance of the hotel is an empty space where guests are allowed to park their cars. We left it there, took out our bags and headed towards the hotel. Then, a nice lady stopped us and asked whether we were some other people that were supposed to check in. We said no, but she nonetheless went back inside with us, gave us a key and explained that she’s the receptionist and she’ll be on break for the next few hours. Another employee helped us with the bags and both of them were really nice and welcoming.

In order to get to the main building, you must walk through the bar and the pool area, so I was happy with what I saw. There weren’t too many people and everything seemed clean and taken care of. The same applies to the rooms – to our room at least. We were on the second floor in a corner room. This means that we got a huge balcony and even a small kitchen. I was honestly expecting something much worse since this is a 2-star hotel, but the room was pretty nice, the bed seemed brand new and there was even a flat-screen TV. Those that often travel to Greece are probably familiar with the fact that lots of hotels are still equipped with the old-fashioned TV boxes; thus, I always consider a flat-screen LCD TV a win.

Comments on:

  • Building – the building was nice, repainted and well maintained. All areas were clean and nicely designed and ornamented. I noticed lots of cameras i.e. there was one on each top corner of the main building, but that didn’t bother me since I’m always a nice guest. Another thing to note is the lack of an elevator; so, those with little kids and lots of baggage should probably avoid upper floors;
  • Surroundings – only positive words for the surroundings! There is a nicely organized garden, lots of flowers, palm trees, and various plants provide a picturesque view from the balcony. The same can be said for the area behind the main building where the basketball court and the kid’s area are located;
  • Parking – there are both pros and cons regarding the parking. It’s not asphalted and it’s a bit tilted; plus, it’s not too big either. Therefore, I’m not sure if the hotel is full whether there would be enough space for all cars, plus not everyone wants to drive through dirt and little stones. On the other hand, if the positioning of your room is right you can watch it from the balcony and since there are olive trees they protect the cars from the sun;
  • Room – I’ve been to 4-star hotels with worse rooms. The room was great, clean and it wasn’t small either. However, the bathroom was ridiculous since they didn’t bother to place a shower curtain. So, when you take a shower you both make a mini flood and you fear for your life since the lights above the mirror are pretty close to you and you can easily get electrocuted;
  • Staff – awesome! These ladies and gentlemen not only are very professional and good at their jobs, but they are also very sociable and friendly. Everyone did their tasks perfectly, while at the same time made all the guests welcomed. Needless to say, their behavior created a very pleasant atmosphere within the hotel.



During the Stay

Generally, I had a great time at Olympic Bibis Hotel in Metamorfosi. We learned that all the rooms are cleaned on daily basis, but the towels aren’t changed. There were soaps, but no shampoos or shower gels available. The AC remote was in the room and free of charge, which is a nice touch.

Sunbeds and Umbrellas - Olympic Bibis Hotel Review
Sunbeds and Umbrellas

Another cool thing was the fact that the hotel provides free of charge sunbeds and umbrellas at the nearby beach; it’s about a 10-minute walk, however, it wasn’t my favorite place to spend my days. There were stones in water and the beach was a mixture of sand and little stones. I must admit, though, that the water was crystal clear. We decided to go to Lagomandra Beach, which is honestly one of my favorite beaches in Sithonia. It’s equipped with showers, changing rooms, a supermarket, a bar and a fast food place; the last two have a bathroom that can be used by anyone. You can place your own umbrella and towels, but you can also rent the ones from Lagomandra Beach Hotel for 5 or 8 EUR, depending on the type of the sunbeds; no drinks were included in the price.

In terms of entertainment, Olympic Bibis Hotel is a 15-minute walk away from Metamorfosi. We went to the little town once and it was worth it. You walk by the sea, most of the path is well lit and you can enjoy the fresh air. The town itself is small, with tavernas, shops, and bars. Most of the tourists were families, not many couples or youngsters. We, nevertheless, had a great time. The hotel too has a bar with modern music and reasonable prices. You can get a cocktail or a beer and enjoy a night by the pool. We also played table tennis, but since it’s free of charge it’s usually occupied.

When it comes to the food, the chef can be proud – everything was delicious as if it came out from your grandma’s kitchen. However, the choice was modest. The breakfast was pretty standard with several fruits on the offer, coffee, milk, eggs (fried or boiled), cheese, cornflakes etc.

Beach in Downtown of Metamorfosis
Local Beach in center of Metamorfosis

The dinner was where you notice the difference between a 2-star and a hotel with more stars; there was usually one dish of meat (mostly chicken) and the rest I would place in a category side dishes (vegetables, fries etc.). Also, there was one pasta dish too. In terms of salads, you could either find mixed vegetables or separated cucumbers and tomatoes. Only one type of dessert was placed on a table and there’s no limit on how many you can take, but still, a little piece of cake on a plate is a bit sad. It was good though for avoiding eating too much.

The last thing I would like to mention is the fact that the majority of the guests were families with babies or little kids. I generally don’t have problems with them, but sometimes it can get too noisy. Usually, at dinner, at least one baby would start crying or a kid would start screaming, running etc. So, if you are a person that tries to avoid such an atmosphere then probably this isn’t the right place for you.

Sad to Check Out

Downtown Metamorfosis
Center of Metamorfosis

It’s either my positive stance towards the world and life in general or Olympic Bibis Hotel was really a great place – either way, we were sad to check out.

While we were placing the bags in the car the employees wished us a safe trip and all the best in life, they also invited to stay with them again. I know that’s what they’re supposed to say, but there was something that made them sound honest rather than just being professional. The Olympic Bibis Hotel review has been a pleasure to write. 

Anyway, the checkout time was 11:00 AM, which is quite great. There are lots of places that make you leave the room as early as 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM, so this was yet another nice touch that can make a 2-star hotel feel like home; we left earlier nonetheless.

Free sunbeds and umbrellasBeach isn’t perfect
Free AC in roomsBeach isn’t in front of the hotel
Tasty foodNot many dish options, only one dessert
Free wi-fi throughout the hotelRooms on upper floors have a weak wi-fi signal
Free table tennis, basketball court, kids’ areaFamily oriented, can get noisy from babies crying, kids screaming
Excellent stuff – friendly, dedicated, welcoming 


After seven nights of enjoying the Greek sun and the wonderful Aegean Sea, it was time to head back to Skopje. We took away slowly, both sad to leave and happy to go home. Another adventure was over and I had yet another story to share with the world.

Bye, bye Metamorfosi. I hope we’ll meet again!?

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A hotel review of Olympic Bibis Hotel in Metamorfosis (Sithonia) Greece.