Pallini Beach Hotel Review

Well, guys, the way life led me to Pallini Beach Hotel in Kallithea was completely random. Back in January, I found a first-minute booking deal (affiliate link) for this place, which I wanted to visit for quite some time, and thus I decided to grab the opportunity. I was skeptical a bit, but my travel partner said she heard good stuff about the hotel and so we patiently waited for months to see what we got ourselves into.

Where Exactly?Kalithea, Chalkidiki, Greece.
How Many People?2.
How Many Nights?3.
Type Of Travel?Relaxing, sleeping, sunbathing.
Trip Date?June 2017


I must say I have mixed feeling about this place; I was both nicely surprised and disappointed a bit. Pallini Beach Hotel has always been considered as one of the top places in Kassandra and I’ve heard lots about its wonderful beach; nonetheless, I think it’s a bit overrated.

Sunbeds and umbrellas - Pallini Beach Hotel Review
Sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach

Anyway, here’s all about my stay there so you can make your own conclusions:

First Impressions

First, I must note that we booked a first-row bungalow, so this review probably won’t be helpful to those staying in the main building.

Nevertheless, the day we got there was a cloudy one, which kind of made us gloomy and disappointed right from the start. We were tired from driving and just wanted a place to call home, even if it was only for three nights. The GPS navigation finally said that we’ve arrived at our destination and what we saw made us hopeful again.

Before anyone can enter the property, they must check in with a security guard, who is responsible for opening the gates to this gorgeous palace. We felt safe knowing that someone pays attention to who’s entering and leaving the hotel grounds, plus there was another one at the parking as well; no need to worry about the car either. We parked the car in front of the entrance to check in and we were welcomed by smiling faces. The process took no more than 5 minutes and a bellboy showed us where to park the car and took us to our bungalow by cart.

The beach at Pallini Beach Hotel
Another view of the beach

This was the first moment when I first felt relaxed and allowed myself to enjoy the nature surrounding me. Pallini Beach Hotel can boast with its gardens, palm trees and colorful flowers that can make you forget all your problems at least for a while.

Soon afterward, the bellboy stopped in front of a cute bungalow, which is, in fact, a small building with a small private garden in front of it. Right across, a small path, we had access to the sandy beach and the crystal-clear sea. I absolutely loved what I saw and never regretted paying a bit more for having this stunning view.

Several comments on:

  • Building – the main building was huge, but it’s obvious that it’s not a new one. The bungalows have been repainted on the outside and thus they are very attractive to the eye;
  • Surroundings – beautiful nature, it was obvious that a lot of care was dedicated to keeping everything in order;
  • Parking – asphalted parking with a guard at all times. However, I would say it’s a bit small for such a big resort;
  • Room – we had a large room with a kitchen and a mini garden in front of it. The furniture needs to be replaced with new one and we had only two power outlets I mean come on people!
  • Staff – everyone was really nice, especially the maids and the restaurant employees. In the room, we had a personal welcome letter by the manager, who we never got to meet in person.


During the Stay

View to the beach
View to the beach from our bungalow

Not many of the first impressions were changed during my three-night stay at the hotel.

However, what we learned the second day that using the sunbeds and the umbrellas in front of our bungalow was 7.5 EUR, a price I think was overrated. You can use your own sunbeds, though. We had a similar experience with the sauna and the relax center – guests have to pay everything, which isn’t something I appreciate.

We also learned that there is Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, but it’s not too great. This especially applies to those staying in the furthest bungalows, like us. When it comes to shopping, the hotel has its market, a shop, and a souvenir shop. The prices were more or less acceptable, with local markets obviously being a bit more affordable.

Getting to Kallithea or other towns is quite easy. At the gates of the hotel there is a bus stop that can take you either way; to Kallithea, in particular, the price per person was 1.80 EUR, so it’s probably better to get a taxi for 5 EUR if you are more than two people.

For those that have never been to Kallithea, it’s one of the most popular places in Kassandra and Chalkidiki in general; it has lots of bars and restaurants as well as shops. Thus, I highly recommend anyone staying at Pallini Beach Hotel to check Kallithea at least once.

We had a nice night out in Kallithea at a place called The Last Slice, it’s a self-serving pizza place with cheap beer and stunning view. Those that want to party, the well-known Pearl discotheque is a 15-min walk away.

Naturally, I have to mention the food too. We had breakfast and dinner and I can say that both were great. There were many different options, new specialties were introduced each day and there was never anything missing. The waiters were really professional and good at their job; whenever a tray was empty they would bring another one, whenever a dish was left aside they would pick it up. Also, the food was delicious and fresh. Possibly the only remark is that there weren’t too many options for those that prefer seafood or avoid eating meat, but that would-be hairsplitting really.

Sad to Check Out

Church monument by Pallini Beach Hotel
Church monument by the port next to the hotel

So, after three nights in front of a paradise beach and a large private bungalow, I definitely didn’t feel like checking out. This is always a positive sign to me, meaning I enjoyed my stay and didn’t want to leave.

The checkout time was 11:30 AM, which is not too bad; we also took advantage of the fact that our bungalow was far from the main building and didn’t close the door. That way, even though we stayed at the beach we could go to the bathroom inside “our” bungalow after we gave the key back. The maids noticed this, but they were too nice and didn’t say anything. We didn’t stay too long at the beach anyway and they wished us safe trip after they noticed we were leaving.

CLEAR BLUE WATERSLOW WI-FI (at least it’s available)

Before going away, we took one last look at the amazing sea and took a deep breath of fresh air. It was a good stay, but we had to go – another adventure was awaiting us since we were heading to Olympic Bibis Hotel in Metamorfosi, Sithonia.

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