Amazing Beaches in Sithonia, Greece

Everyone knows how fond I am of Sithonia; I believe the second Chalkidiki finger is a much better than the first one – Kassandra. I enjoy that it’s not as popular as Kassandra and I would say it’s much more picturesque. Its dark green forests and crystal-clear waters, make it perfect for a relaxing vacation that offers both peace and adventure. Therefore, I want to share some of the top beaches in Sithonia, Greece I’ve visited over the years. 

I must confess that some top picks are still on my bucket list, but hopefully, I’ll discover them sometime soon and share my experience with you.

Where exactly?Sithonia, Chalkidiki, Greece.

Best Time of Year to Visit?

Mid-May to Mid-September. July and August are high season months – pricey and crowded

Lagomandra Beach (In front of Lagomandra Beach Hotel)

Beaches in Sithonia, Greece - Lagomandra BEach
Lagomandra Beach

In a previous post, I have already mentioned this beach as one of the top beaches in Chalkidiki. It is one of my favorites when it comes to organized beaches. It boasts of golden sand and crystal waters; plus, there is an area where you can place your sunbeds and umbrellas as well as ones you can purchase for 7.5-10 EUR. One of the great things is the possibility to use the shower and the changing rooms on the beach for free, plus just across the street you can enjoy tasty snacks or cocktails as well as go to the bathroom. Vehicles are parked beside the street and during high season it may be tricky to find an empty slot if you don’t come early in the morning.

It’s great for kids and those fond of snorkeling.

Karydi Beach

Beaches in Sithonia, Greece - Karydi Beach
View of Karydi Beach

This one was first on my bucket list for this summer of 2017 because numerous people have said incredible things about it (also known as Karidi); plus the photos of it online are breath-taking. However, I was a bit unlucky to visit it during a windy day and therefore I was a bit disappointed.

Things visitors should note is that Karydi Beach offers shallow waters and it is popular among people with kids. It’s not an organized beach, meaning no bathrooms, changing rooms or showers.

However, it offers unforgettable views of the sea. You can climb the smooth rocks to take mesmerizing photos of the left and right side of Karydi Beach.

My experience showed that during windy days the left side (the rocky one) is much calmer and the water there is clearer; plus, the kids tend to stay to the right side because it’s shallow and sandy. Vehicles are parked on a sandy area and I advise you to be careful not to get your car stuck in the sand, which is something I witnessed during my visit.

Agios Ioannis Beach

Beaches in Sithonia, Greece - Agios Ionnis Beach
Agios Ioannis Beach

This is a very popular beach, especially among younger travelers that want to combine sunbathing and partying. The beach is quite long and somehow private, plus it has a lot to offer in terms of wonderful sand and sea.

However, I would like to point out that when I visited it in 2016, the price for two sunbeds and one umbrella was 10 EUR (EXPENSIVE!); however, they said they don’t charge after 5 PM, so maybe go then if you want to visit it without spending that much money on sunbeds.

Of course, there is an area for those that bring their own chairs, but they will be isolated from the party atmosphere, which beats the purpose if that’s why you want to go there in the first place. Vehicles are parked right after you enter the beach area on a dirt road.

A man goes to Kassandra (first finger of Chalkidiki) to find romance. He goes to Sithonia (the second finger) once married, and once he is divorced he goes to Athos (the third finger).
 – Waiter at Agios Ionnis Beach

Toroni Beach

Beaches in Sithonia, Greece - Torini Beach
The sea at Torini Beach

Toroni Beach is another great option for those that prefer organized beaches that usually aren’t too much crowded.

Toroni is proud of its long blue flag beach with golden sand and crystal sea. Visitors can either purchase sunbeds or place their own chairs and enjoy the atmosphere without having to fight other people for a spot. This is largely a result of the width and length of the beach, which make it big enough to accommodate lots of tourists at the same time.

There are beach bars, toilets, water sports, and food; in other words, Toroni Beach is perfect for both adventurers, photographers, and families.

Porto Carras Sithonia Beach

Just like the majority of the most popular resorts in Chalkidiki, Porto Carras Resort (affiliate link) is placed in a perfect spot.

Beaches in Sithonia, Greece - Porto Carras
Porto Carras from above

The resort has more than one excellent beach to choose from, and the one in front of the Sithonia hotel is the most visited.

The sand may not be golden, but the blue sea waters make up for it more than enough. This is a blue flag beach, widely known for its cleanliness.

However, visitors must keep in mind that Porto Carras is a closed resort and only those that stay at the hotel can enjoy the wonderful beaches as well as the sea-water swimming pools.

To learn more about the resort, check out our review for it here.


Portokali Beach (Orange Beach)

To be honest, I was first on this magnificent beach a very long time ago; so long ago that there were no bars or any other amenities. It was in the middle of nowhere and we had to walk down the road to find a small group of people enjoying their private heaven.

Beaches in Sithonia, Greece - Portokali Beach
Portokali Beach

However, today Portokali Beach is well-known among tourists and it’s become one of the organized beaches in Sithonia. It’s so popular that it’s quite hard to find an empty spot or chair during high season; thus, if you plan to visit it either go before or after the high season or early in the morning.

It goes without saying that this fascinating beach boasts with soft sand and incredibly clear waters. This makes it perfect for snorkeling and exploring. I want to point out that during my visit this August I came around 5 PM and I paid for drinks only; however, I’m not sure if that’s their general policy or this applies only for those that arrive later in the day.

Vehicles are parked in a sandy area above the beach and you’ll probably have to walk a bit to get to the bar.

Concluding Thoughts

So, that’s it for now. I am, hopefully soon, heading to yet another adventure in Greece. I plan to visit and write about the rest of the gorgeous spots this Chalkidiki finger offers, like Kalamitsi Beach and Kalogria Beach, and many other top beach places Greece has to offer.

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