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Last modified: March 15, 2018

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A lovely and affordable accommodation in Memmingen, Germany, where guests get free parking and excellent Wi-Fi. They have a comfortable, homie kitchen, spacious and modern bedrooms, and a large backyard for the kids to play in.

The Kellermanns Apartment Review

I recently took a seven-day trip to Germany to go to Oktoberfest in Munich with a friend and my brother. I wanted to share with you guys the Kellermanns Apartment review first because I love this place. Finding a place to stay in Munich, during Oktoberfest, was next to impossible. You can plan on spending a couple of grand for 3-4 days stay.

Where exactly?Memmingen, Germany.
Means of transportation?Car.
How many people traveling?3.
How many nights?3.
Type of vacation?Exploring, driving around, tasting local cuisine, sightseeing.
 Trip Date?September 19 – 21, 2017


During our accommodation search, the three of us decided to find a small town outside of Munich, and use public transportation to save some money. This led us to discover Memmingen and the Kellermanns Apartment.

My brother was the one who actually booked the place, so I didn’t have any ideas of what to expect. Honestly, the entire trip was planned in a haste, so I didn’t even have time to Google the place. All I knew was that it’s somewhere fairly near the center of the tiny town called Memmingen with free parking, which was very important because we rented a car.

We went to Kellermanns Apartment after spending two wonderful days in Nuremberg. Due to traffic jams and roads blocked from construction, the drive from Nuremberg to Memmingen was quite exhausting.

Nevertheless, our final destination quickly made us happy again.


First Impressions

Kellermanns Apartment is a beautiful house, with multiple apartments, in a quiet neighborhood; it has several parking spots in front of the building and a nicely designed garden. Even though the atmosphere was cold and wet (it rained that day), we were happy to arrive at such a lovely place.

Comments on:

  • Building – Kellermanns Apartment is a large yellow house, which is well maintained and clean. Everything inside looked new and well-maintained. The garden was, also, very nice, with a freshly mown lawn, trees, and hammocks. Inside the building, guests can find useful pamphlets and information regarding the city, which is very thoughtful of the hosts.
  • Surroundings – the house is not far from the center in a small quiet street without any traffic almost. Nearby, there’s a small restaurant/coffee shop as well as a supermarket and an apothecary.
  • Parking – there are three parking spots in front of the house. We didn’t have any issues with the parking and didn’t need to look for street parking.
  • Room – We stayed in the apartment on the ground floor that featured a living/dining room with a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. There is a small patio by the kitchen, but we never used it cause the weather was terrible. The apartment was great, everything was new and tastefully organized. I fell in love with the bathroom, but honestly, everything was perfect. We had towels, the kitchen was well equipped. The hosts provided a welcome package of water and peanuts. Plus, the Internet was high speed and excellent Wi-Fi signal.
  • Staff – we never met anyone and the key was left in a locker with a PIN code. I bet the owners are great considering how well everything was organized and explained.

During the Stay

During our stay at Kellermanns Apartment, we really enjoyed the place. I don’t have any special tips and tricks, except for buying everything you need on time since most of the shops close at 8 or 8:30 PM. We were once forced to buy water at a gas station because that was the only thing open at 10 PM.


We enjoyed walking around Memmingen and during a rainy night, we found the umbrella in the apartment very helpful. The hosts really tried to provide a smooth and lovely stay to everyone by leaving slippers, umbrellas, dish detergent, towels and stuff like that. So, once you get there you can just relax instead of worrying about small things. Also, there is a hair-dryer and lots of toilet paper rolls, plus some extra towels in the bathroom in case you wanted to change them.

Sad to Check Out

Honestly, we were pretty sad to check out; Milena and I especially felt depressed after we got to our new accommodation in Memmingen – Drexel’s Parkhotel. We really overpaid for what we got there and regretted our decision to change accommodation in order to save only a small amount of money.

Free parkingIt’s not in the city center
Large and well-furnished apartmentsIt took too long for the apartment to warm up after we checked in (Fall/Winter season)
Excellent Wi-Fi connection 
Everything seems new and tasteful 
Easy to check in and check out 


All in all, we loved Kellermanns Apartment and I highly recommend it to everyone. It’s in a nice area that lets you sleep at night, not far away from the center and has free parking. Plus, it’s well equipped and even better maintained; therefore, I believe everyone will enjoy their stay in this cool place. 

I hope you find this Kellermanns Apartment review useful.

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A lovely and affordable accommodation in Memmingen, Germany, where guests get free parking and excellent Wi-Fi - Iva Says

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