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Last modified: July 9, 2018

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Makedonia Palace Hotel is a great hotel for business travelers and for tourists that want to discover the wonderful seaside city of Thessaloniki, Greece. It’s only a 10-minute walk from the White Tower, seaside cafes, and the city center.

Hotel Review: Makedonia Palace Hotel

I have already mentioned in my Thessaloniki review that I often visit this wonderful and energized city. During my last stay there two years ago, I decided to give the Makedonia Palace Hotel a try and I think I didn’t make a mistake.

Where exactly?

Thessaloniki, Greece.

Means of transportation?


How many people traveling?


How many nights?


Type of vacation?

Relaxing, exploring, shopping, eating

Date of the trip?

January 2016


I don’t remember the exact price per night, but I remember it wasn’t cheap for sure. However, considering the fact the hotel is often chosen by business travelers and offers free parking unlike many other options in Thessaloniki, I believe the prices were generally reasonable.


First Impressions of Makedonia Palace Hotel

Selfie at the White Tower at night

When I arrived in Thessaloniki it was raining like crazy and finally noticing the hotel building was heaven to me. We were driving from Skopje for several hours, make a couple of coffee breaks along the way and therefore it was already dark when we arrived.

We easily recognized the hotel because of its red-shining lights on the building in the black sky. From afar, Makedonia Palace looks intriguing and attractive; however, when you get near it, you can notice it is an old building that needs to be renovated (I read that after our visit some renovations were done, so some things have been improved I guess).

When we arrived, we were lucky to get a spot in the parking lot in front of the hotel. We left the car there for the remaining of our trip because it didn’t look like there were enough free parking spots for all the guests; the garage, on the other hand, could be used for an additional charge, but I didn’t feel like spending more money on that.

View from Hotel Makedonia Palace
View from Makedonia Palace Hotel

Inside the Makedonia Palace hotel, everything looked nice, warm and friendly; the receptionists were welcoming and good at their jobs. They spoke English, so we could communicate easily.

We noticed many well-dressed guests, which were true elegant Greek ladies and gentlemen; I must say, I was glad I bought some nice clothes with me; otherwise, I wouldn’t feel comfortable walking around in my favorite hoodie.

Comments on:

Buildingsimple and interesting, a bit old-fashioned. Inside everything was nice, though. I read some reviews of people complaining that the hotel wasn’t clean enough, but I noticed nothing of the sort. I actually enjoyed the hotel very much;

Surroundingsgreat location by the seaside makes this hotel perfect for relaxation. We booked a sea-view room and so enjoyed a wonderful view each morning. Plus, there are walking tracks and small parks where you can relax as well, not to mention the hotel pool where you can take a swim during the summer season;


Parkingfree of charge parking outside the building, but a small number of spots. Additionally, there is a garage that can be used for an added charge. There was valet parking as well;

Room – the room was a nice one, possibly not as sophisticated or modern as some guests would prefer, but it wasn’t bad for sure. It was equipped with a TV, fridge, safe etc. It was clean, and we had a nice stay in it. The only thing that I didn’t like, but my travel partner didn’t seem to notice was a weird oil-like smell that came from the sea for some reason (Thessaloniki is a port, so I guess it’s a common smell);

Staff – we had a wonderful experience with the staff; everyone was nice and English-speaking and helpful. No complaints here.

During the Stay at Makedonia Palace Hotel

As I mentioned several times already, we had a nice stay at the hotel. Since it was cold, and we were spending most of the time outside the hotel, we didn’t get a chance to use the sauna, so I can’t reveal more about it.

We noticed that the hotel bar and restaurant were a bit expensive, but of a good quality. We once had a dinner at the restaurant and once in the bar; the staff was nice, the food was delicious and the coffee was nicely ornamented. I would say that the money is worth it, especially if you don’t feel like going out, but still want to have a good meal.

Cappuccino and Mythos Beer in Thessaloniki, Greece
Lunch Break: Cappuccino and Mythos Beer

The center of Thessaloniki is about 15 minutes away from the hotel by foot. We enjoyed our walks along the pier by sea.

The first time we went out it was pouring and the receptionists were kind enough to give us an umbrella even though we didn’t think of asking for one.

Keep in mind that that the Makedonia Palace hotel attracts business travelers; therefore, most of the guests are elegant and well-dressed. So, if you want to fit in it’s good to have some nice clothes for yourself. Sometimes, there may be a seminar or an event and it can get crowded and noisy in the lobby area or the bar; depending on your personality you will either love or hate this.

Sad to Check Out

I had a great time at the Makedonia Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki and I was sad to check out. I did some shopping, we were lucky enough to catch the one Sunday in the year when the shops are open in Thessaloniki and did some shopping, plus we went to IKEA (there is no IKEA in Skopje) to buy some stuff too. We drank local beer, ate local food and enjoyed walks by the sea.


  • Nice rooms,
  • Free parking in front of the hotel,
  • On the waterfront,
  • Warm and helpful staff;


  • Not in city-center (about a 10-minute walk to the White Tower in Thessaloniki through the boardwalk on the pier), 
  • Needs remodeling (a bit old-fashioned),
  • High prices in the hotel’s restaurant. 
  • Price for value is high;

On the other hand, I am aware that the building is a bit old-fashioned, far away from the city and the rooms could be improved; thus, some travelers may be disappointed by this, especially because the price of the hotel is not low. Therefore, I’m saying Maybe to Makedonia Palace Hotel, but I’m pointing out that personally, I liked it nonetheless.

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Hotel Review of Hotel Makedonia Palace in Thessaloniki, Greece

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