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The Renault Captur is really a good vehicle overall with a great price tag. It’s a spacious and modern car; perfect for couples. Traveling with the Captur is efficient and enjoyable, and I personally enjoy traveling with it.

Renault Captur Review

Over the years, I’ve used different cars for short and long-distance travel. There is always that one vehicle we really love being in and driving. For me, that is the Renault Captur. I personally believe the Captur is the perfect crossover vehicle made to travel this Earth.

It’s great for light and heavy traveling and perfect for long distance. For the last two years that my travel friend has had this vehicle, we crossed over 20,000 kilometers (12,400 miles). We even explored a majority of the Chalkidiki peninsula in Greece with this vehicle.


Dashboard of Captur Renault 2016

Note: this post is not sponsored by or promoting Renault in any way. This is my personal opinion.

It’s perfect for two, but can comfortably seat four people. The Captur had plenty of gas left in the tank after a roundtrip from Skopje to Lagomandra Beach, Greece (total of 720 km or 446 miles).

The Specifications

Now, let’s get down and dirty and look at the specifications on Captur that we use.  

Color:Crème with Black Roof and bumpers
Gas Type:1.5 dCi (90 Hp) EDC Diesel
Tank Capacity:12 gallons (~ 45 liters)
Gas MIllage74.3 mpg (~31.58 kpl)
CO2^ (g/km)99
Power:90 hp/4000 rpm
Drive Wheel:Front-Wheel
Package:Dynamique Nav

* Some information has been taken from the official Renault Site.


The Package

The Dynamique package comes with few standard features. The standard 16” alloy wheels, with an option to upgrade to 17”. Automatic headlights and rain sensitive front wipers. LED head and fog lights.

Inside the Captur
Driver’s side…it’s a little dirty 🙂

The media center is touchscreen. There is also a Bluetooth connection and a USB port. As usual, the navigation comes with preloaded maps based on purchase location.

Why Diesel?

The diesel technology has improved drastically within the last 10 years. It’s no longer the pollutant we all know it to be. The Carbon dioxide (C02) emitted from the Renault Captur is 99g/km. It has a good economy fuel and fewer CO2 emissions than other unleaded cars on the market.

Winter Performance

For those that don’t know, we are located in Macedonia, and the winters are known to be very harsh here. The car performed very well when it came to snowy and icy days. It’s a front-wheel vehicle, so it’s not as safe as an all-wheel drive or 4×4, but with some winter tires and caution on the road, the car was great.


I love the look of the Captur. It’s elegant, sporty, and stylish. The length of it is perfect for parking in a city, as it is not as long as a standard sedan, but spacious enough not to cramp up in, like the Fiat 500.

The diesel version has great gas mileage.

It’s very spacious! I wouldn’t even call the glove compartment by its name. It’s more of a deep drawer with lots of space. There is even extra storage on the top of the dashboard for sunglasses, phones, notepads, etc. 

Seat Covers in Captur Renault
Removable Seat Covers

The seats have washable and removable upholstery. I love this because with traveling the car gets dirty, and it’s really easy to clean the seats.

Lastly, the trunk is very big. On the standard level, we easily fit two carry-on suitcases, a laptop bag/backpack, and medium-sized duffle bag. All of this, and a beach umbrella, beach chair, cooler, snorkeling gear, and much more in the storage right below it.



Sadly, the Captur is not a 4×4 vehicle. I really wish it was, but it still does an excellent job as a front-wheel drive.

At the time of the purchase, the car was already in the dealership’s inventory and with no factory stocked parking sensors. The dealership added them as part of the purchase package. However, since they are not factory stocked, there is no turn-off button. So, if you find the sensors annoying during rainy days, though luck.

Another negative for the Captur, more for Renault as a company, is the missing armrest. The armrest must be purchased separately because It’s considered an accessory. I find that quite ridiculous, but not much you can do.

Lastly, the GPS (navigation) software still doesn’t have a map for Albania and Macedonia. I would really like Renault to fix this since I travel in this Balkans a lot, but I doubt they will anytime soon. 

Concluding Thoughts

Side view of the Captur
Side view

The Captur is really a good vehicle overall and with a starting price of €16,000 for the Dynamique package in Macedonia, worth the price. It’s a spacious and modern car. Traveling with the Captur is efficient and enjoyable, and I personally enjoy traveling with it.

Let a comment and let me know what vehicles do you guys use for traveling. 

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Automobile review of the Renault Captur, a crossover made for the couple travelers.

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