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Last modified: July 11, 2018

How to Save Money
When Booking Your Summer Holiday/Vacation

If you are just getting around to holiday shopping for the summer this year, you are probably already thinking about how much the trip is going to costly overall. Holidays aren’t a cheap affair, but they are the one time in the year when we get to fully treat ourselves and have some fun. If you are on a budget though, there are some great ways to cut down the cost of your summer holiday and make things less stressful while you jet off.


Shop private

The main thing we think of when looking for cheaper holidays is booking cheap flights. If you want to really get the best deals you can out of these, the best option is to shop incognito. On Google Chrome, Incognito is a form of private browsing where you are able to look online without detection. The reason this can help you is that websites will usually take advantage of you if you look at their site regularly and will put prices up if they see you viewing them. If they can’t see you, then you can stop this happening and find the best deal.

Use another browser

You are perfectly within your rights to assume that every browser is made equally and simply acts as a window to access websites: however, this isn’t always the case. As we said before you will notice prices go up as you research websites because the company wants to make more money from you. However, if when booking your final deal you switch the browser, it will likely be a lot cheaper because they think you are a new customer!

Sign up for newsletters

Sure, a lot of the time all a newsletter can offer is a place in your junk folder: but sometimes they will come with exclusive offers because you are on their list. Companies want to make sure that their loyal customers stay loyal so they will often send our special offers to keep you pinned. If you take advantage of this, you might be able to get some great savings.

Cut The Cost Of Your Summer Holiday This Year

Pay by credit card

Credit cards can sometimes be a handy thing to have, and if you pay your holiday off with a credit card you could earn 5% cashback just for the pleasure. It means you get to keep the extra money or use it for extra drinks at the bar one night on your trip! It’s a win-win situation.

Think of school holidays

You will know from being a child that school holidays fall in the months of July, August and sometimes part of September too. Because of this, it is the most popular time for people to go away on holiday because they don’t need to take the kids out of school. The issue is that at this time of year, tourism spots realize their prices to catch more people out. If you want to avoid it make sure you book either a week before or a week after the school holidays. It will be much cheaper and much less noisy! 

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