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Last modified: January 10, 2018

Fun Travel Games for Your Next Trip

Recently, I returned from a trip. Now that I’m back home, I spend my time doing one of my favorite things; playing board games. As one could guess, I got the idea for this post during a game night: travel games that are friendly and compact enough to put in your backpack.  

Being with a group of people, laughing, arguing, strategizing and manipulating is entertaining and my kind of fun. Playing board games is one of my easiest methods for relaxing and unwinding.

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When I’m on the road, I do miss playing board games. No matter how much there is to explore, write or share photos, I still want to play some easy, light, funny games with my friends. 

So, I wanted to share some games I’ve played in the past that are small and compact enough to take with you on your trips.

List of games perfect for travelers:

The Resistance: Avalon

This game is awesome! It’s such an easy, entertaining quick game to play with friends when traveling or just hanging out. The Resistance: Avalon is a game of deception, acting, and manipulation. As the name suggests, it’s based on King Arthur and the Knights of the roundtable. Depending on the number of players, at random, some will work for the good guys, alongside Merlin, and others will be the bad ones – Mordred, Assassins, and Morgana. The dedicated knights are sent on quests they need to accomplish as they try to protect Merlin from the unknown evil guys. Meanwhile, the rest will do their best to sabotage the quests and/or take out Merlin.

  The cards are packed in a small compact box that would fit in any bag.  

Players: 5–10  |  Time: 20-30 Minutes  |  Age: 13+  |  Complexity: Easy 


Based on the French Revolution, and execution of nobles/prisoners using a guillotine, this card game brings deception and competition among friends to another level. The French nobles’ line up each day for three days (three turns) at the guillotine and players get a turn to behead each unfavorable one of them.

Each noble carries a certain amount of points, and the player with the most points after day 3 ends wins. The game also has actions cards, to help you gain more points or cause another player to lose some.

It’s an easy and quick game. It’s usually played at parties, but why not have fun beheading nobles on your trip as well?

Players: 2–5  |  Time: 30 Minutes  |  Age: 12+  |  Complexity: Easy

Zombie Dice

This is a fast-paced game played with 13 specially designed dice. Each player rolls three randomly drawn dice at a time to collect the most human “brains,” while trying to avoid “shotgun blasts” that will end his turn. A player wins with a score of 13 brains or more collected in the last round.

Players: 2–99  |  Time: 10-20 Minutes  |  Age: 10+  |  Complexity: Easy 

Cards Against Humanity

This is the famous game that everyone plays at parties. It’s a fun and lighthearted game for people that don’t get offended easily. Using cards, the players answer a question given by the “Card Czar” by using a card from their hand. The “Card Czar” chooses the funniest answer and the player that submitted the chosen card gets an “Awesome Point.” The game continues until all players choose to stop or if a number of points that were agreed upon prior the start of the game are reached.


The game has endless possibilities. Some can be funny, horrible, and even disgusting, but it’s certainly worth the play if you’re into endless laughing.

Of course, the player with the most points wins.

Players: 4–30  |  Time: 30 Minutes  |  Age: 17+  |  Complexity: Easy 

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

A fast playing game, where each player has a role assigned randomly to them. Some of the characters featured include Werewolf, Troublemaker, Seer, Peasant, Drunk and Hunter, as well as many other characters. The game is won by lynching one werewolf.

With manipulation, the werewolves should convince the players they are someone else as they try to stay alive until the end and win the game. It’s a great, fast game that always has a different outcome. Not a single round is the same as the other ones, which makes it similar to the previously mentioned game The Resistance: Avalon.

Players: 3–10  |  Time: 10 Minutes  |  Age: 8+  |  Complexity: Easy


Dixit’s main goal is guessing the card the storyteller of the turn has given to the players in a clue of a sentence, sound or literally anything else.  The players pick a card from the cards in their hand based on a sentence given by the storyteller, who also picks a card. The cards are shuffled randomly, the players vote on the cards, and if all players or no players guess the storyteller’s card, the storyteller gets a score of 0. Otherwise, the players that guess the card and the storyteller get 3 points each. Whoever gets to 30 points wins or if the deck of cards is finished the player with the most points win.

Players: 3–6  |  Time: 30 Minutes  |  Age: 6+  |  Complexity: Easy 

Love Letter

It’s a quick-paced game of getting your love letter to Princess Annette before the other competing suiters. Depending on cards in your hand, you may get powerful gains and closer to getting the letter in the Princess’s hands. However, they can also backfire and make you the target of sabotage by the other gentlemen suitors.

Players: 2–4  |  Time: 20 Minutes  |  Age: 8+  |  Complexity: Easy 


Yahtzee is a classic dice game that can help you kill an hour or two wherever you are; the only thing you need for a round of Yahtzee are six dice, a piece of paper per player and a pen. The game can be fast-paced or semi-slow, depending on the players. However, it has pretty simple rules that include rolling dice and filling out fields on the personal scoresheet.

The objective of the game is to collect more points than your opponents after all fields on all players’ scoresheets are filled. Even though this dice game is mainly a one that relies on players’ luck, it also requires a good strategy too for those that plan to win.

Players: 2+  |  Time: 10+  |  Age: 8+  |  Complexity: Medium 

Concluding Thoughts

I hoped you found my list of travel games that are informative and helpful. As you can see the games are not only compact but pretty inexpensive as well. Some of them are on this Holiday’s Toy list for Christmas, so they might just be the perfect gift. 

Do you have any travel games that are travel-friendly to share with us?

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