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Last modified: April 12, 2018

Your Car + You = Best Road Trip!

What if you could travel the world living out of a car? Such a strategy could allow you to save money on accommodation, whilst having the freedom to travel where you like. Of course, this is not an easy lifestyle and you may want to make some improvement to make your car more luxurious. Here’s how you can turn your car into a hotel on wheels.


Be realistic about your vehicle

First, you need to choose your vehicle wisely – a small two-door isn’t practical for traveling as you won’t be able to lie in it. That said, you don’t need to shell out on a motorhome or a caravan. The Volkswagen camper is the most iconic car for traveling in – it’s made for sleeping in. Alternatively, you could take an SUV, a pickup truck or an estate. Many of these cars allow you to take down the back seat so that you can lie down flat. Those dedicated could even take out a seat to make room for a bed.

Up your storage space

Turning your car into a moving hotel means sacrificing some of the boot and backseat for sleeping space. You’ll want somewhere to still store your stuff, which could mean upgrading your storage space. A roof box is the easiest way of doing this. An alternative option is to buy a trailer, but this can make driving a little trickier.

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Prepare meals on the go

Being able to cook meals out of your car could save you money on food, even if it’s only a few meals here and there. Make sure to bring pots, pans, cutlery, and crockery, as well as washing up liquid – you’ll have to wash up your items at campsites and service stations. For chilling food, it’s worth taking a cooler or a portable refrigerator. You may be able to rely on UHT milk so that you’re not having to keep milk chilled. Meanwhile, for cooking food, consider a portable grill or a camping stove. Don’t cook inside your vehicle unless the doors are open and it is well ventilated.

Block out the outside world

When sleeping, it’s worth having a windshield cover and window covers to block out the light. This will give you some privacy in your vehicle when sleeping. If you’re a light sleeper, you may also want to bring some earplugs for the journey.

Turn Your Car into a hotel on wheels

Bring some luxuries

It’s worth treating yourself to some luxuries en route – this will help your car to feel more like a hotel. You can shop here for various camping gear such as portable generators that could allow you to have a constant supply of electricity without having to drain your car’s battery. You can also turn your car into a moving wi-fi hotspot so that you’ve always got internet access. Bring some light but warm bedding and consider a camping chair or two for the evenings. A laptop or a portable TV could allow you to watch films – you can even plug it into the car speakers and create a surround sound experience.

Know where to park up

Campsites are the best places to park up as you can use amenities such as showers and sinks for washing up as well as setting up a tent if you’re tired of the car’s interior. That said, you will have to pay for these services. Service station car parks are a good free option as you have toilets on your doorstep (providing the service station is open 24 hours) – some will even have showers. Avoid parking anywhere that could be dangerous such as a lay-by or a dodgy neighborhood. Occasionally, you may want to treat yourself to a night in a hotel – as much as you can improve your car, you can’t add a shower and toilet.

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