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Last modified: September 6, 2018

  • 9.5/10
    Overall Impression - 9.5/10


The W Hoboken is luxury and more. It’s must stay hotel if you want to wake up to the skyline of Manhattan, wonderful service, and proximity to vibrant cities. The W Hotels are a line of a luxury brand that delivers each time only the best to its guests.

The W Hoboken Review

Staying at the W in Hoboken, right on the riverside of the Hudson River, was an unforgettable experience. From the amenities the hotel offered to the scenic view of Manhattan, the W Hoboken Hotel is one luxurious hotel not to be missed. 


About the W Hotel in Hoboken

The W Hoboken Hotel on the waterfront by the Hudson River.
W Hoboken on the waterfront.

The W Hoboken and the W Hotels worldwide are own by Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, an American leisure and hotel company. Starwood Hotels is actually a subsidiary of Marriot International.  

There are 78 W Hotels located in all the major markets around the globe. Few of the famous W hotels are the W New York, W Barcelona, W Singapore – Sentosa Cove, W Hong Kong, W Vieques Island (Puerto Rico), W Bangkok, and many more.

The Starwood Hotels are even opening a W hotel in the Balkans in September 2019. The W hotel will be in Belgrade, Serbia. It will be named “W Belgrade” for the brand style of the W Hotels being named as “W + the city.”

The W Hotels offer a lot of different experiences; mainly marketing relaxation, luxury, hot escapes, corporate meetings, and even weddings.

The W Hoboken offers spectacular views to Manhattan from it's room. Watching the sunset or sunrise over NYC is a lifetime experience.
Amazing sunsets and sunrises over the Manhattan skyline.

During the Stay in the W Hotel

I ended up staying at the W Hoboken overnight for a bachelorette rendezvous. The bridesmaids wanted to give the bride a small getaway, and what better spot then Hoboken; only minutes away from NYC while a vibrant city of its own.

I can’t say enough good things about the staff, valet attendants, and receptionists. From the moment I pulled up to the hotel, everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I ended up getting to the hotel earlier than needed, and since the room wasn’t in my name I had a lot of time to spear.

The staff offered to lock my things up in their safe space and gave me an umbrella to walk, as it was raining, around the city instead of waiting in the lounge, which of course was very well design and beautiful.

After we checked in, a bellboy helped us with our bachelorette party items and bags to our rooms.

The rooms were spacious, well designed, and up to date on technology, including USB charging stations on the radio and lamps. There was a mini bar, a snack bar, and lots of random things to purchase in case you had an emergency.

The rooms had a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline. The sunrise in the morning was amazing to watch over New York City, all while staying in bed due to the large windows. I must say that was all very nicely architected and planned out by the W Hotels.

Lastly, for the pet lovers, the W Hoboken hotel is pet-friendly. If you love traveling with your best friend, then consider booking a room here (a pet fee does apply).

Get room prices and rates for the W Hoboken Hotel.

Location, Location, Location

The hotel is located only a few blocks from Washington St. For those who don’t know Hoboken, most of the shops, bakeries, clubs, restaurants, and bars are situated on Washington St. Guests can either walk to the busy street or get a taxi to take them there.

For the late-night partiers, there is a local bar, The Wicked Wolf, only a block away from the hotel, and of course, there is an inside bar in the W Hoboken.

The hotel is also right on the waterfront, so it is along the Hudson River. There is a very nice walkway along the river and even space for runners. Near the hotel, there is a small park where people go to have picnics, watch movies on the green, play with their dogs, and even go fishing. Why would anyone go fishing in the Hudson River is beyond me.

Parking and Transportation at and around the W Hotel

Front entrance of the W Hoboken Hotel, where guests drop off their cars to the valet and enter to get checked in to their rooms.
Pulling up to the W Hoboken Hotel.

The W Hoboken only has valet parking, which is $38/night, at least that was the price at the time of my stay. Self-parking is not available at the W Hoboken.

However, there is a parking garage right across the hotel where you can self-park your car. I am not 100% sure, but I believe it was $20-$25 for a 24-hour parking. I don’t think the parking garage is open 24 hours, so you will be without your vehicle in the evening.

There are several modes of transportation for getting around Hoboken and the W Hoboken. From the airports (Newark – EWR, New York City – JFK and LGA, and Teterboro – TEB), you can either get a taxi or a private car transfer/limo service. Of course, Lyft and Uber are the new modern options available in New York City and Hoboken.

The Path Station, which connects Hoboken and New York City, is only about a 5-minute walk. The bus station and light rail are also located next to the Path. The trains are frequent and usually takes about 20 minutes to get to the city with 33rd St. and 6th Ave. being the last stop.

View to Manhattan and the Empire State building from Hoboken, NJ with kayaks in the Hudson River.
Can’t beat this view to Manhattan and the Empire State Building.

Sad to Check out

I had a wonderful stay in the W Hoboken. I loved the view of NYC and the location of the hotel in Hoboken. It’s great for a weekend getaway or even for a romantic evening to celebrate an anniversary when it comes to couples. As, for tourists and world travelers, it’s a great location to explore Hoboken, and to be only moments away from New York City and not pay the price for it.


  • Scenic view
  • Close to downtown Hoboken and Path station for NYC
  • Great service and amenities
  • Fitness and Spa centers
  • Pets allowed
  • Great modern and stylish design


  • Price (It’s not for the budget travelers)
  • Limit on how many people per room can connect to the Wi-Fi
  • Mini bar and extra purchases are quite expensive

Of course, this hotel is not for everyone. For those traveling on a budget might find the price tag a little too high for their liking. The hotel is centered on luxury and it delivers as such.

The W Hoboken Hotel in New Jersey.

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