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Last modified: April 26, 2018

Travel Ideas for Your Next Trip to the USA

America is such a huge country that exploring it can seem like a mammoth task. There are 50 states, and it’d take a lot of time and money to see them all. Even then, each state has so many potential cities, towns, and natural locations to visit that it’s hard to know where you should go and what you should do when seeing such places. Well, this article might give you some inspiration. Want your next trip to be great? Visit these U.S. states.


Travel Ideas for Your Next Trip to the USA: Want Your Next Trip To Be Great? Visit These U.S. States
The Golden Gate Bridge is one of those rare landmarks that’s even more impressive in person.


California is one of the most popular states in America for tourists, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only does this state promise glorious weather but there are fantastic cities and landscapes to explore on the western side of the U.S. You should start by visiting Los Angeles. This city offers so many experiences for travelers. Hollywood Hills is a good place to start. You’ll get a fantastic view of the city’s breathtaking skyline, and you can also stop off at the iconic Griffith Observatory whilst you’re there. You should also head to the coastline and see some of the skaters and other interesting people on the boardwalk at Venice Beach. There are so many different sides to L.A. It’s a fascinating city in a fascinating state.


The sunny state of Florida is eastern America’s answer to California. It offers just as much wonderful weather but a very different culture. It’s a fun state to explore in a very different way. Disney World is obviously a very popular place to visit if you’re taking a trip to Orlando in Florida. The fantastic rides and the childhood magic appeal to people of all ages, so that could definitely be a fun experience for a day or two. Of course, Miami is also a very popular city to visit in Florida if you’re a fan of sunny beaches and exciting downtown scenes. You might want to stay at the Best Western Plus Kendall Airport Hotel & Suites if you’re looking for accommodation in the city. There’s also a lot of culture in the heart of the city. You should visit the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts if you want to see some intriguing galleries. There’s a lot to see in Miami.


The final state on this list is Maine. As a state, it has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty and fascinating towns. But, most importantly, if you love food then you’ll love Maine. It tops many of the lists for the best dining spots in the U.S. Its seafood-based cuisine is delicious. You’ll find restaurants that serve the tastiest haddock, clams, and crustaceans anywhere in America. Of course, Maine is most famous for its lobster. Still, there’s more to the state than incredible cuisine options. You should head to Mount Katahdin if you like the idea of an excursion up a fantastic mountainside. It’ll give you brilliant views of Maine’s wonderful natural landscape. Casco Bay is also a beautiful place if you’re more of a seaside fanatic.

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  1. I believe I have only briefly driven by Maine once, otherwise I’ve been across the rest of the United States. Definitely worth a visit just for its beauty 🙂

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