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How to survive the winter season as a non-skier

Well, like it or not it’s almost winter season; at least in the Northern hemisphere. Every day we read news related to possible snow storms, freezing temperatures and top offers in ski resorts. Even as I’m writing this, snow has been falling in Skopje for the last six hours. Obviously, this can be very boring and irritating to those that profoundly hate winter, but also to travelers like me that prefer the sunny weather. After all, it’s much better to explore when it’s not zero degrees outside.


I always try to find a way to survive the otherwise boring winter season until it’s summer again and I can enjoy swimming, sunbathing and walking around in shorts. I’m not into winter sports (skiing, snowboarding), so traveling in the winter is always a bit of challenge.  

I’m not saying all these ideas will work for every single person out there that just wants for the cold days to be over; however, I believe that at least one or two will catch your eye and, if not else, they will awaken your creative thinking, so you can come up with something to suit your expectations and needs.

Escape Someplace Warm

Overlooking at the ocean from the sunbed

This is an obvious idea I’d say! Nonetheless, I had to mention it just in case you didn’t think about it. A place that I highly recommend is Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic (link). Its high season is December to February, so you should expect lots of like-minded people from all around the world that want to warm their bones there.

It is especially popular during Christmas and New Year in December as well as during the Carnival in February. Naturally, I’m sure there are many other cool options besides this one like Australia, Jamaica, Singapore and South Africa where you can enjoy the sun and explore.

Visit A Spa Resort

The Swedish Sauna in Interhotel Sandanski
Swedish Sauna

Another obvious idea is to visit a spa resort; preferably one with natural mineral waters that not only shall warm your body, but also rejuvenates it. My visitors have probably read my reviews of the Interhotel Sandanski in Sandanski or seen the video of the Pozar Springs in Loutra, Greece; both these are excellent options for those willing to discover the Balkans as well ass for those that don’t want to spend a fortune on their winter adventure.

Besides Sandanski, Bulgaria has two other very popular ski centers with numerous top-class ski and spa resorts – Bansko and Borovets. So, this vacation can work out for you even if your travel buddies prefer skiing. Naturally, there are many options across Europe too like for example Wiesbaden in Germany, Budapest in Hungary or Prague in The Czech Republic.

Enjoy the Christmas Season

In most countries the Christmas Season overlaps with the winter season; so, instead of complaining about the cold you can just try to enjoy the Christmas Season by visiting some of the world’s best-known Christmas markets. So far, I’ve been to Wiesbaden and Frankfurt, but, unfortunately, I don’t have any nice photos from those travels.

However, I’ve recently been to Nuremberg during the Altstadt Festival and it was adorable; people say it’s ten times better during the Christmas Market. If you don’t believe me then just Google it. Naturally, other options include Vienna in Austria, pretty much every other German city, Moscow in Russia, Zagreb in Croatia, Prague in The Czech Republic or if you are in the United States check out these New England winter travel destinations. The list is too long, so get creative, check out flight deals and you will probably have your own favorite.

Book a Travel Tour

There are lots of cool travel tours out there during the winter season. I actually booked one of those a few years ago; it was called the Dracula Tour. You can read more about it here and consider this an option. Many travel agencies, at least the ones in Skopje, try to spice up cold winter days with entertaining bus or plane tours that often include several destinations.

Some of my current options include tours to Prague and Vienna or Budapest and Vienna or several Italian spots like Venezia and Verona. I admit that these tours may be too exhausting because they always include lots of exploring and not enough days; nevertheless, they can be fun and educating if you are with the right company.

Embrace the Snow

Winter in West Milford, NJ
Snow around West Milford, NJ

Well, sometimes it’s just not possible to fly to a warm country or visit a luxurious spa resort; I mean, we do need to save money for our summer vacation, right? In that case, my strategy is to embrace the snow and just try to make the most out of it.

When I don’t have other options and I don’t want to miss an opportunity to travel with my friends, I decide to find alternative ways of having fun while they’re skiing or whatever. What would I suggest? Well, try building a snowman, sledding, making snow angels or making snow selfies; whatever works really. Plus, it is a well-known truth that the snow often creates fairytale views, so you can always just relax and enjoy those with a cup of hot coffee or tea. If nothing else works – try waffles!

Kill Time at Home

I’d lie to you if I say that every single winter season I find a way to heal my boredom. Actually, several times I was forced to either stay in my home in New Jersey or in Skopje due to various obligations and hence I had to find a way to kill time at home. Honestly, three of my favorite ways of doing this include playing Xbox, watching TV shows and playing board games. I am a true fan of board games and me and my friends can literally spend hours playing games like Blood Rage, Powergrid, SMOG or Elder Sign.

Naturally, my ideas of fun may not be as identical yours; it’s okay to find your own way of doing something that makes you enjoy the winter season. You can, for example, plan your summer vacation, create a bucket list for the same, try some DIY projects, read books etc. After all, we all have secret pleasures and boring winter days are the best ones for enjoying them.

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