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Last modified: January 9, 2018

Perks of Using a Local Travel Agent

I travel a lot. Well, I’m not on the road almost every day of the year, but I do treat myself with several summer vacations as well as city breaks and shopping tours. My friends are aware of this and they always ask me how do I book my trips. I guess that’s an important question for anyone wanting to plan vacations or the adventure of their dreams. The truth is 90% of the time I use a travel agent. 

It seems to surprise most that I use a local travel agent, but there are many reasons why I do it.  Even though it’s the Internet era and everyone’s used to doing pretty much everything online, I believe using a local travel agent offers many perks online operators (Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) simply cannot offer. 

Personally, I only travel through the Waikiki Travel Skopje agency when I’m in Europe.

Therefore, I decided to share why using a travel agency is important regardless whether it’s a short trip or a special destination on your bucket list.

Great Prices and Travel Package Offers

Yes, we all know that there are numerous websites that offer hotel and flight deals; I’m not saying I’ve never used those and they suck. However, travel agents usually have special partnerships with tour operators and often get excellent prices that cannot be found elsewhere.

Many travel operators have exclusive hotel and apartment deals that can be booked only through them.

For example, last summer we were in a hotel that had 10 older rooms and three completely refurbished rooms. Those three rooms were booked by our travel agent, so we ended up staying in more modern and comfortable rooms for the same price.

A Travel Agent Has Insider Information

Okay, so you want to book a hotel or decide which destination to visit this summer; naturally, you can find hundreds of reviews online that try to offer as objective information as possible. However, no matter how many photos you see or how many reviews you read, you’ll never find true insider information.

Hotels sometimes tend to have hidden fees and travel agents know these. Sometimes, there may be construction works inside or near the accommodation; you can’t find this info online, but a travel agent is likely to know it as well as share it.

Another important information they share is the condition of the beach and sea at sunny locations. We all see beautiful and exotic images of perfectly clear water and impeccable beaches, but let’s be real, a lot of it it’s photoshopped or edited in some way. My travel agent has prevented me from making this mistake several times. 

They share little things that can easily spoil your entire vacation if you’re not prepared for them.


Travel Assistance

We’ve all had at least one unpleasant experience while traveling; regardless whether it’s a delayed flight, dirty room or even a medical emergency. Well, in such cases your travel agent often has your back; they can help you with both providing information or even do the fighting for you.

For example, my friends once had a really bad experience in a Greek hotel where they didn’t have hot water. I bet you can imagine the irritation, especially if you have children. Well, after they talked to the receptionist and nothing was improved, they called their travel agents. Soon, they were taken to another room and they had hot water for the rest of their trip. Sometimes, when finding a solution isn’t possible, they can possibly negotiate a discount for you, so you get at least something out of it.

Moreover, I must mention assistance in terms of documentation; namely, for visiting many countries you’ll need a visa or a passport that’s valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date. Also, traveling in some countries requires a personal travel insurance. All this information is always provided by your travel agent and you save hours of doing research that may not end up being valid or useful.

They Save You Time and Money

Destination tours by bus or plane that are organized by travel agencies are often quite affordable and impressive adventures. They always end up being cheaper than individually organizing the trip. 

It’s simply not possible to organize the identical trip by yourself and pay that little money. Plus, their tours come with tour guides that take care of pretty much everything; so, you get to just relax and enjoy the trip rather than worry about tickets, parking, gas etc.

They’re Great for Travel Packages and Personalized Adventures

Many people have the wrong impression that travel agencies are good for their own trips only; however, that’s everything but true. Yes, they have their own tours and accommodation that they offer for excellent prices, but they can also help you with a personalized adventure, too.

For instance, they can find the best connections, tell you the best dates for traveling to a certain spot and even offer some suggestions what to see in the area. I often book personalized trips because I want to see several destinations and accommodations at a time. I prefer traveling by car too. My travel agent knows all of this and therefore often provides me with useful and relevant options.

It’s More Personal

In the end, just like you often become friends with the barman in your favorite club or the employees at your local shop, you’ll probably become friends with your travel agent too. This makes traveling and planning a trip more personal and engaging experience.

You can come up with an idea and simply go to your travel agent and ask them for ideas and advice. After all, they’re not only experts for traveling, but also humans. They’ll often try to get you the best room or give you a discount, which will certainly make the trip better.

Concluding Thoughts

That’s it guys, I hope at least one of these tips will make you consider visiting your local travel agent and book your next trip.

For the record, I recommend using only licensed and reliable travel agents and recommend you do some research before giving them your trust and money. In my case, I’ve been very satisfied with Waikiki Travel Skopje and I stick with them; so, it’s best for you to find your trusted travel agency and stick with it.

Also, keep in mind that many local travel agents can serve foreigners as well. Therefore, when you go to a certain place you can use them for booking local travel tours or even vacations in nearby countries. For example, if you travel to Skopje, you can visit one of the local travel agencies and find awesome deals for Greece, Albania, MontenegroBulgaria and even Turkey.

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